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Advantages of AUTOGARDNER , how to water plants automatically ?

- Automatic control of watering your plants.

- Autogardner work at high pressure 0-8 KG ,with 0 leakages,

- Efficient watering of plants.

- Self-timer operation making it self-water to your plant in you absences,

- Autogardner comes with mandatory free drip accessories – which is required in case of drip irrigation.

- Autogardner even offer custom solutions for varying demands of the customer to offer the solution.

- Used high grade industrial components which offer long life, reliable and consistence performance.

- Autogardner is designed keeping Indian market and used common sizes of fitting and connector which make it easy for its installation and use.

- Latest efficient technology.

- 0 maintenance.

- Water irrigation systems for gardens with automatic timer which is easy to install and attracts negligible control.

- Negligible monthly expense and as it operates directly on AC current, there is no expenditure of batteries to be changed every 2-3 weeks.

- All Autogardner devices come with limited life time warranty which offers security to the customer on your purchase.

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