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100% Automatic Plant watering solution . Whether you are home  or away from home on vacation, office - Autogardner will never forget to water your plants.
⬜ AUTOGARDNER W3L : Is Industrial Grade Solution
⬜ Technology: WiFi Mobile App (IOS & ANDROID) , Remote Control, schedule using calendar, Alexa, Google Home, IIF.
⬜Suitable : with 24X7 Wi-Fi connection.
⬜ POWERED : 6W Mini Solar Panel
⬜ Water Pressure LOW  water pressure,1/2" Size, direct tank.
⬜ Recommended for - Balcony Plant , Small garden with 55 Points. (frequent customer : have watering points note more than 55 points & having low pressure).
⬜ Autogardner is Pure Made In India solution, and  apart from custom solutions , we have 20 Standard solution - designed for different water pressure, power source, nos. of plants, connection size to keep the affordable and to match your application needs for consistent and long life device performance.
⬜ We request to reach us on (24X7) Business whats app to Assist your choosing the suitable product/support. Click to contact:


    ₹11,499.00 Regular Price
    ₹7,000.00Sale Price

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