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100% Automatic Plant watering solution . Whether you are home or away from home on vacation, office - Autogardner will never forget to water your plants.
⚫Suitable for max 15 Plants/point at water head of 3-4 Feet.
⚫Industrial grade Pump Max 1.5 L/Min Flow.
⚫Free Accessories 15 Plants
⚫2 Variant C15 (15 Plants) C30 (30 Plants)Cyclic On/OFF Watering.
⚫inhouse Developed Simplest automatic technology.
⚫Just set ON Duration & OFF Duration, will water in cycle.
⚫0-18 feet Suction. 1-1.5 Liter/Min
⚫“0” Device Leak Guaranteed
⚫Water output. Indoor plants, outdoor, balcony with no Tap
⚫ Contact : *Click for 24X7 chat support*
⚫1 year  Warranty

Autogardner is Pure Made In India solution, and apart from custom solutions , we have 20 Standard solution - designed for different water pressure, power source, nos. of plants, connection size to keep the affordable and to match your application needs for consistent and long life device performance.


⬜ AUTOMATIC DRIP IRRIGATION- With a pump and watering timer equipped in this Simple Reliable Cyclic Electronic Automatic Controller, this efficient resources- save water drop by drop - pump the cwater from a container to drip the potted plants more precisely and efficiently

.⬜ PROGRAMMABLE WATER TIMER- Just set theWATERING ON DURATION (Mins/Secs) and No watering DUration(Mins/Hours), once programmed, system will keep watering your plants as per the set interval for the set duration of watering time.

⬜ Program Memory: Once programmed, the settings are stored in internal memory automatically. Custom programming and settings will remain in memory even if power is removed. There will be no need to reprogram the timer, Direct AC 220V offere no expense on Battery and provide more power for water suction and longer Life.

⬜ Performance : Device Can deliver 0.5-2 Liter/Min with industrial grade pump inside based on the heaigh of Storage tank with 6-8MM pipe. Sutiable and tested for 15-20 Pots for 365 Days. Free Drip Kit : 4MM transperent Pipe 15 Meter, TEE-15, 6MM suction pipe, 2 Meter, Dripper 15, 6MM-4MM connector-2, Device

⬜ Support &Warranty: Autogardner is Made & Manufractured in India and all autogardner productcomes with 1 year warranty for resolution or Replacemnet Contact Us +91 7498079442 for details.Autogardner Slot : Unique Solution designed for solving teh plant lovers challange to water Plants automatically on daily basis or when away from home on vaccotion or holiday.For technical support Visit our website autogardner or contact +91 7498079442 for warranty or Installtion support if required.Q: Want to use it for balcony but dont have Tap ?Answer : Yes slot is designe dto water plant in balcony even if you dont have water pipe or tap connetcion, just use the storage tank and connect the drip line. What is the use of automatic watering system?1 Use it for Indoor plants to water automatically.2 More convenient: Small copact size with transperent pipe dosent disturn your asthetic look.3 More plants: can support 10-15 plants potted water supply, freely assemble water supply pipelines, build water supply network4 More free: Help you to complete watering every day, solve the troubles of caring for plants, let you feel more at ease to work, and enjoy the holidays!How to Install :-1 Install the water supply pipe and drip tip of the automatic watering system according to your needs.2 Set the watering cycle and watering time3 Insert the dripping tip into the plant, connect the water source, and use it after startup.(Installation and usage instructions can refer to the instruction manual) Use attention1 Place the equipment and water source at a height close to the plant to avoid siphoning2 Please make sure that the spikes are deep into the soil. If the plants are large, please put a dripper to get enough water.3 For your plant health, it is best to test the equipment before use.

Autogardner Slot C15 (Pump 15 Plants)

₹7,500.00 Regular Price
₹4,800.00Sale Price
  • We take cutomer feedback and complaint very seriously. Product comes with 1 year Limted replacment GUARANTEE. During the period, we take for free pick up & drop for resolution. ( we have 0.63% os return against total no of devices sold From 2017 till Mar 2020) . request to raise your issue/compaint/support on Whats app +91 74980 79442 ,
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