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Autogardner is Pure Made In India solution, and apart from custom solutions , we have 20 Standard solution - designed for different water pressure, power source, nos. of plants, connection size to keep the affordable and to match your application needs for consistent and long life device performance.
100% Automatic Plant watering solution . Whether you are home or away from home on vacation, office - Autogardner will never forget to water your plants.
⚫Suitable for max 40 Plants/point at water head of 3-4 Feet.
⚫Industrial grade Pump Max 3 L/Min Flow.
⚫Free Accessories 30 Plants/
⚫2 Variant W15 (15 Plants) W30 (30 Plants) Wifi 
⚫iOS/Android App On/OFF Schedule Setting
⚫Get watering Notification & History Unlimited irrigation Schedules/Day Control Watering anytime, anywhere remotely
⚫0-24 feet Suction. 1-3 Liter/Min
⚫“0” Device Leak Guaranteed
⚫Indoor plants, outdoor, balcony with no Tap Contact :
⚫*Click for 24X7 chat support*
⚫1 year  Warranty

Autogardner Slot W30 (Pump 30 Plants)

₹8,800.00 Regular Price
₹5,800.00Sale Price
  • We take cutomer feedback and complaint very seriously. Product comes with 1 year Limted replacment GUARANTEE. During the period, we take for free pick up & drop for resolution. ( we have 0.63% os return against total no of devices sold From 2017 till Mar 2020) . request to raise your issue/compaint/support on Whats app +91 74980 79442 ,
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